To You be the glory

We love You Lord Jesus Christ our Beloved King


Lord Jesus we embrace You! We embrace Your people: the saints, worldwide! Lord Jesus! You are the true Israel! You are the holy nation! You are the Chosen One of God! You are Zion! You are the seed! You are the Messiah! You are the favored One! You are the heir of God! You are the Anointed One! You are the Savior! We bless You with all our hearts! And Your people, our brethren, brothers & sisters in Christ, those whom You have purchased with Your own blood, in every nation, those who have Your Spirit, those who love You, the saints worldwide; they are Israel! We bless them too! The Israel of God IN every nation, East and West, in Liberia, Sudan, Egypt, Albania, Turkey, Armenia, Kazakhstan, State of Israel, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, Japan, N.Korea & Indonesia‚Ķ EVERY nation Lord. We embrace them! Especially the ones being killed and jailed for Your Name’s sake, Lord Jesus. We bless YOU, we bless Your people, O God. (Gal6:16)


We love You Lord Jesus and we love Your people in Iran. We love all the beautiful people in that country. We pray for Your Persian assembly. Please comfort them Lord. Let them know we love them. Let them know we are praying for them. We know You are taking care of them. (1Thes3:12)


Lord Jesus the kingdom of darkness is ruling this world. The world worships satan. But Your kingdom is within us. You are among us, You are within us. You are ruling Your kingdom Lord Jesus! Your kingdom is not of this world. Your kingdom loves You! Your kingdom worships You! You are our Lord and King. Your kingdom shall prevail, and You will reign forever! (Matt4:8-10,Rev11:15)


Lord Jesus the wolves are everywhere now. They are bringing deception, destruction and confusion. They are hurting some of Your sheep. Protect Your sheep, Lord. Keep them safe in You. You are faithful. You are the Shepherd of the sheep. You bind up their wounds and heal the damage the wolves have done. You love, lead, feed and care for Your sheep. You are a good Shepherd! You are THE good Shepherd. Your sheep love You.


Lord Jesus! You are the Bread of Life! You are the Living Bread! You have given Yourself so that we may live! Your flesh is the real food; our Life. Your blood is the real drink; our Life. We have received Your Life within us, that You have given us. You have given us eternal life! We live in You, You live in us. We will not die. You will raise us up on the last day! (John6)


Lord we do not want to worship the football teams and the baseball teams in the modern Roman Coliseums of men. We do not want to worship the presidential candidates in the Beast Government kingdoms of men. We do not want to worship the pastors and Churches in the Harlot Churches of men. No, not the men that You have created, not the “things” that men have created. We ask that You cleanse our hearts from all idolatry. We want to worship only You Lord, in the beauty of Your holiness. (Mark12:30,Ps96:9)


Lord Jesus our Savior our Father our God! We fear You and love You! We give You glory! The hour of Your judgment has come! We worship You who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and the springs of waters! Fallen fallen is Babylon the great, she who has made all the nations drink of the wine of the passion of her immorality. Those who worship the beast and his image and receive a mark on his forehead or upon his hand will drink of the wine of Your wrath O God. You will judge! We patiently wait for You O Lord. In YOU we keep Your commandments and the faith of Jesus! (Rev14)


We believe in You Lord Jesus and trust in You and love You and follow You and our identity and hope is in You……
and we believe Your words… we love You and You love us and we are in covenant with You and we believe You and live in You
and You in us and we love the brethren… Lord help us to love those who hate us and love with faith and to love You Jesus Christ our God and Savior with all our hearts and to love our neighbor……. (Mark12:30-31)


OH Lord our God we waited for men to teach us; we looked to men. They did not teach us. They did not care about us. They did not feed us and shepherd us. They did not wash us and love us. They did not pray for us. You oh Lord our blessed Savior, You teach us Yourself, You care for us Yourself, You feed us Yourself, You shepherd us Yourself, You love us Lord with an everlasting love. You pray for us Jesus. Thank You Lord. You will receive ALL the glory for all the loving things You have done for Your sheep. (Psalm23:1)


Lord Jesus the Churches and Christianity want us to worship those who hate You. They want us to worship the Beast. They want us to worship a nation that hates You and is working against You. They want us to worship a nation that is a substitute for You. They want us to worship a nation that worships satan. They want us to give our love, devotion and allegiance to them not to You. They want us to obey it not You. They want us to serve it not You. O Lord we will not do this wickedness! We will not worship the Beast! We love, follow, worship and serve You, and no other. (Revelation13)